when employees become opinion leaders

Under #MeinMagenta and #Werkstolz, Telekom employees from all over Germany post details of their experiences at work every day. Guest interviewer Anna Meyfarth from the Blogfoster Academy asked me, how to establish one of the biggest networks of opinion leaders.


So-called influencer marketing is evolving from a hyped trend into a fixed part of the modern marketing mix. What has the sector achieved in terms of professionalization so far?


To be honest, I don’t share the view that marketing is already firmly integrated into advertising planning through influencers on the net. Of course, it cannot be denied that influencers are increasingly being used by companies as an additional channel to increase target group reach. When it comes to professionalization, the increasing skills of agencies when addressing and selecting suitable people play a central role.


Back in 2015, Telekom began appealing to enthusiastic employees from within the company to become ambassadors. To what extent was this appeal inspired by the classic influencers?

There have always been internal influencers within Telekom – we simply bundled together energies. Pawel Dillinger was an important person here. He made the appeal for brand ambassadors on our social intranet and with more than 5,000 followers, he really has become an internal influencer. Within a short time, hundreds of employees responded to his article. At this point of course, it was neither a network nor a community. It was little more than a simple list of people who were interested in a topic.

However, it was a start and with time it has turned into a group which developed the Telekom ambassadors’ first strategic mission (TELEKOM BOTSCHAFTER). To put it another way.


The people and the topic were there first and they were followed by the strategy and further activities.


Under the hashtags #Werkstolz and #MeinMagenta, Telekom employees regularly post details of their day-to-day work. Where did this idea come from? And what values and messages does the group convey to the outside world through these posts?

The idea behind these two hashtags is to convey the Magenta positivity to the outside world and thus influence people’s perception of the group on social networks in a positive way. We follow a key principle here: “I am Telekom, and you can rely on me”. Inspiring customers and colleagues and motivating each other – this is the Telekom ambassadors’ most important mission. With #MeinMagenta and #Werkstolz, they give the company a face.

What plans do you have for the #Werkstolz program and the network of Telekom ambassadors in the future?

Experience shows that the #Werkstolz ambassadors do not need much to achieve a great deal. We therefore try not to direct this community at all.

Instead, our aim is to create a platform for the community where it can put its ideas into practice and to provide (even more) incentives for the Telekom ambassadors to become the face of the group.


What three changes to influencer marketing would you like to see in 2018?

First of all, I would like to see better technological support for the internal influencers to ensure that they do not lose their own motivation. Secondly, I would like to see focused campaigns at Telekom to bring this group to the attention of the public. Thirdly, I would like to see more than just reports about #Werkstolz – I would like to see Magenta content being shared more and publicized on social media.


How will Influencer Marketing look like in 2020?

That’s easy to answer. Here: Magenta!





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