Elisa Voggenberger

Elisa Binzberger

HR Digital & Innovation Ambassador
Deutsche Telekom AG

My topics

  • #leadership
  • #forwardthinking​
  • #newwork​
  • #GenY
  • #SiliconValley
  • #speak-up

About me

My name is Elisa and I like to write. Not with the ambition to be scientifically correct and utterly professional but because I like to read honest stuff that makes me look at things from a different perspective. I hope that this text will do that for you. Feedback is welcome anytime! Oh and I work at the coolest department within Deutsche Telekom called “HR Digital & Innovation”.

Um ein tadelloses Mitglied einer Schafherde sein zu können, muss man vor allem ein Schaf sein.

(Albert Einstein)


Articles and social activities by Elisa Voggenberger


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