We are passionate about „Working in the digital Age“.

For us working in the age has already begun. With our blog "We like working in the digital Age" we want to create a platform to share our knowledge and experiences about this topic with you. We hope to inspire you to do the same and start discussing with us online.

Enjoy reading our articles!


Martin Betz

Senior Expert HR Automation & Innovation
Deutsche Telekom AG

Pawel Dillinger

Chief Magenta Evangelist
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Winfried Ebner

Head of Social Media Business
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Anais Fabinger

HR Digital & Innovation Ambassador and Millennial Mum
Deutsche Telekom AG

Falko Finzel

Social Collaboration Expert
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Raffaela Kustosch

Chief publisher digital transformation magazine

Deutsche Telekom AG

Susann Terheggen

Teilzeit-Kommunikatorin und Kreativgeist
Deutsche Telekom AG

Reza Moussavian

Head of HR Digital & Innovation
Deutsche Telekom AG

Antonia Petersmeyer

Manager of Social Media - Social Collaboration #AndersArbeiten
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Jochen Pfender

Passionator für #AndersArbeiten
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Christian Schwolow

Corporate Communicator
Deutsche Telekom AG

Kati Strunck-Zair

Manager of Social Collaboration & Community #DieGuides
Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Elisa Binzberger

HR Digital & Innovation Ambassador
Deutsche Telekom AG


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