Raffaela Kustosch

Raffaela Kustosch

Chief publisher digital transformation magazine

Deutsche Telekom AG

Meine Themen

  • #HR D&I
  • #working in the digital age
  • #transformational discourse
  • #newwork
  • #sharing
  • #culture
  • #digital
  • #social collaboration
  • #wda
  • #work 4.0
  • #digital transformation

Über mich

My name is Raffaela. Coming back to HR DIGITAL & INNOVATION after my maternity leave 1.5 year ago, I started in a new and very exciting team: Transformational Discourse. In this team we have launched the first social magazine „Working in the Digital Age“ at Telekom. I am very happy to be the publisher of this magazine and provide insights of the digital future and initiate a discussion on the implications of digitization among employees. Now I am looking forward to expand my reach with " We like WDA", share my thoughts and discuss with more people and get new inspirations. When I am not working, I am very happy travelling all around the world or visiting interesting art exhibitions back home. Besides, I enjoy the attempt to see the world through the eyes of a child - with my small cute daughter. And for me "everyday sun rises" but just if starting the day with a good cappuccino :-)

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Beiträge und Neues von Raffaela Kustosch

Spannender Impuls heute bei @evrbit, @JamiieL33 und @TanjaMilenkovic bin gespannt wie wir dies bei #wda und #workingdigital umsetzen

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Kennst du schon die neue #workingdigital Vorlage, @winfried_ebner?

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